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Salariin Kampuchea has a long history with its members. With their yearly/monthly support we have been able to develop our activities and make them sustainable. With the ongoing support of our members we can help our students to build their own future.

Now we are looking for members for our NGO in Cambodia.

As a member, you are a part of Salariin Kampuchea, you will receive our e-newsletter, invitations to events and receive the annual reports and financial reports.

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Membership donations cover daily expenses of all Salariin Kampuchea projects.[W1] 

Find our annual financial report here(pdf to download 2011 annual report)

New Projects

SK has two clear core goals which are currently achieved through a range of five distinct and separate activities. We believe that both our fundraising objectives and beneficiaries will be better served if we divide these activities into two larger projects according to the core mission with which they are associated. The fundraising process will be greatly simplified by reducing the number of projects SK needs to present to donors. It will also enable us to approach a greater range of donors with each project. Beneficiaries will benefit from enhanced coordination between activities, and we will be more able address the specific needs of different age groups, which will significantly increase the effectiveness of SK’s program overall. These projects will be developed for 2016.

Project 1: Empower young people to respond to the changing job market

The objective of this project will be to expand the employment and higher education opportunities available to disadvantaged young people in the project region. It will encompass those ongoing activities which address this misson: 

  1. ICT Classes. Basic ICT skills relevant to employment and higher education.
  2. Scholarships. Funds for improved access to higher and vocational education programs.
  3. Intermediate English Classes. Higher level English language skills relevant to the local job market.
  4. Work Experience. Work experiencewith both SK and external partners.
  5. Career counseling and life skills. Classes to prepare and support young job seekers. 

Project 2: Enhance education for children and youth

The objective of this project will be to improve the quality of and access to formal and non-formal primary level education for disadvantaged children in the project region. It will encompass those ongoing activities which address this mission:

  1. Beginner English Classes. Beginner level English language skills.
  2. Community library. Books and educational materials available to the whole community.
  3. Learning support. Assistance for children with learning difficulties and those at risk of falling behind at school.
  4. Hygiene Classes. Basic hygiene promotion and tuition.
  5. Extra-curricular activities. Football club, arts & crafts, festival celebrations, social activities, etc.

Where Your Money Goes

SK Audit and Financial Report 2014 (pdf to be downloaded)
SK Audit and Financial Report 2013 (pdf to be downloaded)
SK Audit and Financial Report 2012 (pdf to be downloaded)

SK Annual Report 2013 (pdf to be downloaded)
SK Annual Report 2012 (pdf to be downloaded)


Financial transparency is of great importance at Salariin Kampuchea. Please find our financial reports and audits here and do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

Why support us?

Every donation sustains our ongoing work with children and youth from disadvantaged families in Siem Reap.

Salariin Kampuchea believes in quality education enabling change within communities.

Investing in People

Since our establishment in 2003, Salariin Kampuchea has always invested in people’s education, as well as fair and social working conditions.

Almost 50% of our yearly expenses are directly invested in the training, further education and salary for our staff. The people working at Salariin Kampuchea are the main source for the students to learn, grow, gain knowledge and self esteem and develop their plans to build their future and contribute to the long term sustainability of the communities they live in.

By investing in people we invest in the most powerful resource. Education lives through people. Our values, Collaboration- Respect- Responsibility, Integrity, Community, guide us towards achieving our vision and we want to see Cambodians enhancing their standard of living through education.

We are a small and transparent organization and work directly with our beneficiaries.

Achieving our Goals

We have a direct impact on the futures of our students, and we already have many successes among our graduates.

From 26 students who finished our programme in 2009:

  • 15 continued their education through High School or were enrolled in university;
  • 3 found a job;
  • 6 continued their higher education and found work alongside study;
  • 2 went into internships.

From 19 students who finished the programme in 2011:

  • 9 went on with further studies and training;
  • 6 were enrolled in a University programme;
  • 3 were pursuing their dream jobs.

Building a Strong Cambodian Community

We build a strong Cambodian community who can work towards their goals. All our employed staff is Cambodian. Our Board of Directors consists of two third Cambodians who volunteer their time to Salariin Kampuchea.

We work with local people, institutions and businesses. Wherever possible we use local services and products to support the local people. Through close contact with our beneficiaries and a good understanding of local problems we have a direct impact in the communities we work.

We want to see Cambodians support Cambodians.

Sharing our Experience

We are open-minded and believe in sharing our knowledge and experience with other people and organisations. We participate in networks, share materials and skills wherever possible to make the biggest impact possible for the communities in Siem Reap and Cambodia.

Low Expenditure and Financial Transparency

Our staff is trained and supported by a skilled volunteer team. Through this we have low administration expenditure; we aim to keep it below 10%. Our monitoring system ensures the data collection and tracking of our beneficiaries and shows our supporters what their donations have achieved.

Donate Now

Without our supporters we wouldn’t be able to do the work we do. Give a lot or a little, every dollar counts. Make a donation today and help us ensure that our projects will move forward and see our students through to build a better future with access to quality education. Any contribution will make a difference.

Donate by bank transfer

Intermediary: 56A

Bank name: Crown Agent Bank, London

Swift Code:CRASGB21

In Cambodia:        Bank name: J Trust Royal Bank, Phnom Penh

                           Siem Reap Branch


FCC to:

Account number: 831172

                           Account name: Salariin Kampuchea Organisation

                           Address: Siem Reap, Cambodia




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