Salariin Kampuchea Learning Center

My Story

My name is Dalath, I was born in 1986. I come from Battambang province in Cambodia, but I moved to Siem Reap province seven or eight years ago, probably in 2004. I live with my aunt, uncle in law and some of my cousins. They are very kind. For a few months, when I just arrived in Siem Reap, I felt like I knew nothing. I looked at everybody surrounding me, they could all speak English and other languages and then I looked at myself. I knew nothing apart from my own language. This really increased my desire to study English. One day, one of my uncle’s nephews, Sombor, took me to the English school which is now called Salariin Kampuchea Organization. We went to the teacher to ask permission to study English with him and he said yes. We were so happy, because he allowed us to study with him and we didn’t have to pay anything. So we kept on learning and learning. A few years later, we could speak, listen and also do some writing. We said: “WOW, we can speak English now!” We were so happy that we knew another language besides our own. A few months later, Sombor stopped studying, because he got into a class at university. But I kept on learning with Salariin Kampuchea Organization for a few years more. In total it is probably five or six years that I learnt English with Salariin Kampuchea Organization, so now my English is much better than before and my life has changed since I have known English. I have got better jobs: I have worked as a security guard at Salariin Kampuchea Organization at night time, as a teacher of English and as a manager at Common Grounds Restaurant. I am very happy that I know English and have more opportunities to work in the area.

So I would like to say thank you so, so much to the Salariin Kampuchea Organization that gave me the chance to take English classes for a long time without any payment and provided me with a part time job. Also I would like to say thank you so, so much to the supporters whose great support cannot be compared to anything else. At last I would like to say thank you so, so much to my teachers who spent so much time teaching us wonderfully. We promise that we will use our English in a better way in the future. Thank you!

Best Regards,