Our main services are based on providing our students the skills to succeed.

Project 1 - English Classes

Our English classes act as a supplement to public education where foreign language classes are severely lacking. One of the primary job markets in Siem Reap is within the tourism sector. Although Cambodia has tourists from all over the world, most of them speak some amount of English. We offer beginner English classes for students as young as 6 so they start learning English at a young age and offer more advanced classes to students as old as 25, making it more likely for students to find a successful career when they graduate.

Project 3 - Life Skills classes

Our Life Skills classes offer a robust syllabus from health and nutrition to career preparedness and personal finance. We participate with other local businesses to enable our students to attend seminars and gain valuable part-time work experience while exploring their career options. By providing our students knowledge about their health, physical safety, and how to navigate the job market, we are helping them learn how to build a happy, successful life.

Project 2 - Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) classes

Our ICT classes aim to provide our students computer processing skills in a country where only 6% of the population has reliable access to the internet (according to an article published by UNESCO in 2014). Our students learn to type in both English and Khmer, as well as learning the basics of Microsoft products such as PowerPoint and Word. Armed with these computer skills, our students are more likely to find jobs in tourism, administration, nonprofits, and governmental organizations.

Project 4 - Football program

Our annual football program draws students from all ages and genders. We partner with a fantastic organization that creates leagues with other schools. This activity is not only getting our students involved in physical activity, it also is teaching them school pride and how to work together as a team. This football league has forged friendships, not only amongst students at SK, but between students from schools across Siem Reap.