Salariin Kampuchea seeks to partner with responsible organisations to ensure the exchange of information, share best practices and work together to reach common goals and make the impact of our work for Siem Reap’s youth as big as possible.
Salariin Kampuchea has learnt and is still learning through the ideas, encouragement and support from our partners.

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“Interweave (INTERnational Work Exchange And Volunteer Experiences) is a non-profit organization which promotes cross-cultural understanding through its work and volunteer programmes. Salariin Kampuchea was one of Interweave’s first partner organizations in Cambodia in 2006 and we continue to have a pleasant cooperation placing skilled volunteers at the organisation. Key features for our cooperation are trust, respect and common development goals.”

Harnessing Opportunities through Play and Education
“H.O.P.E has a very clear focus on funding projects that enable young adults in Cambodia to enhance their ability to gain long term employment. It has been a great pleasure working with the Salariin Kampuchea team over the last couple of years and we are buoyed by their continual hard work and motivation to support disadvantaged youth in Siem Reap. Their goals and objectives are very similar to that of H.O.P.E’s and that is why we have chosen Salariin’s young adults Life Skills Programme as a project for funding. We are particularly impressed with how they monitor their results including direct interaction with the youths they support.”

“The Dutch NGO Chance2Study aims to improve the future perspective of
youths in Cambodia. By financing the education of underprivileged youths,
Chance2Study provides direct, local and transparent support. Chance2Study
focuses on supporting vocational and university education. Therefore, Salariin Kampuchea and Chance2Study have common target groups which make them ideal partner organisations, since 2011.” For more information visit their website

Salariin Kampuchea is a member of NEP (NGO Education Partnership) since 2010 NEP is a membership organisation that promotes active collaboration between NGOs working in education and advocates on behalf of its member organizations in policy meetings and discussions with the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports (MoEYS) in Cambodia. We share NEP’s vision of working together to achieve equal and timely access to high quality education for all Cambodian people.

Salariin Kampuchea seeks advice and support from ConCERT, a social enterprise in Siem Reap, which aims to reduce poverty by increasing the amount of support given to organisations in and around Siem Reap.
“Volunteering and Tourism are daily issues in Cambodia and many people wish to offer their help in some way. Unfortunately it’s not easy to know just what to do in a strange country and people’s best intentions sometimes don’t bring the results they expected. Salariin Kampuchea believes ConCERT offers people invaluable advice and guidance on how they can best offer their support.

For example, its child protection training sessions for volunteers working with children, both enhance child safety and give volunteers an overview of the history and culture of Cambodia. This enables volunteers to be much more effective in their work as well as keeping children and themselves safe.

ConCERT also works to connect NGOs with local businesses, helping businesses to find innovative and sustainable ways to support their local communities.”

For more information please visit

Accounting for International Development
“Accounting for International Development is a specialist volunteer services organisation providing charities and NGOs with an impartial volunteer programme designed specifically to develop the financial management capacity of small community organisations. Assignments of between 2 weeks & 12 months form part of an ongoing strategy to develop each partner organisation’s long term sustainability.” As Salariin Kampuchea fits AfID’s selection criteria, we started to partner in 2011. For more information please visit

Siem Reap Education Supporting Team (SEST)
SEST is an education NGO networking to working together to help its members and improve education and coordinate NGO members and sub education.

Association SK Switzerland
This association will support SK Cambodia till the end 2016, then it will dissolve.