Thinking of volunteering in Cambodia? Get informed first.

Cambodia has more NGO’s than any other country in the world, with thousands of good-intentioned people heading this way to volunteer every year, sadly many do not get the experience they are looking for. Please take the time to read the following articles to learn more about responsible volunteering:

Thousands of children live and work on the streets in Cambodia. Giving them money, however, does not help in the long run. To find out more go to the following links:

For more information on ensuring tourism benefits Cambodian people, visit:

ConCERTSiem Reap

Travel Cambodia

Be a responsible traveller. Make sure you make the right choices as a tourist in a developing country:

Find below links to some of our partner guesthouses, restaurants and travel companies.

Siem Reap

CORT Adventure, Siem Reap – Explore the real Cambodian Countryside

Jasmine Lodge

The rest of Cambodia

Battambang Resort

Dining in Siem Reap

Father’s Restaurant – Locally owned restaurant serving a great selection of reasonably-priced Khmer and Western dishes.
Haven – a sleek and sophisticated dining experience with a conscience. Haven is a training restaurant for adult orphans, giving them the skills and experience to succeed in life.

Joe to Go – all profits go to ‘The Global Child’ a NGO providing schooling to street children. A varied menu and even a fashion boutique upstairs.

Soria Moria – a hotel and restaurant offering a fine selection of Khmer and Scandinavian food and drink. They work in partnership with several NGOs, offering training and work to underprivileged Cambodians. See their website for more information about their responsible tourism policy.