Learn about Teacher David!

I (Dor David) am one of the Salariin Kampuchea organization staff in currently. I was a Salariin Kampuchea student who started to study SK projects in 2009. I had a wonderful opportunity to work in Salariin Kampuchea as a librarian and then as a computer teacher till now. I have been working for almost 5 years.

I always dream to see Salariin Kampuchea rise up to the world and bring Cambodian youth and young up to high quality of education in the sooner future.

Nothing but education could help out my one disadvantaged country. I thought I could help, so working in Salariin Kampuchea is my best honor.

Education is the best magic transportation which bring human up to the bright world in humanity life.

The life is not fair but education is fair for humanity so put your heart of gold in the Salariin Kampuchea students close to you. Don’t leave them behind in education, help out if you have enough!!!!


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