Learn about Teacher Bona!

Hello! My name is Vin Bona and this year, I am 30 years old. I have six brothers and I am the fifth child in my family. I am originally from Siem Reap province, and I live in Veal Village, Kok Chork Commune, Siem Reap City, Cambodia. I finished University of South-East Asia in 2012, my subject is English for Education.

I have taught English to rural Cambodian students aged(13-18 years old.) for 1 year. That NGO is World Assistant/Japan Relief for Cambodia, office based in Phnom Penh.

From November, 2015 until present, I have been a teacher of English at Salariin Kampuchea. I have worked at SK almost a year.

I found out about SK from my friend. I chose to work for an NGO because  I want to help children to learn English. More importantly, education is a key development for the community. I hope that all students can get good jobs when they finish the course here. I really want to work in the team , and learn new things from the people from over the world. After I learn from other people, I can share my experience to other people in my country too.

I really enjoy working with all staff, students and volunteers. I know that most of our volunteers are so friendly and share their experiences to our teachers and students. So I would like to encourage foreign volunteers who want to share your knowledge of English to our children here. Please spend you’re your volunteering time at Salariin Kampuchea(SK) . Also, you can help our teachers to build their capacities by providing teacher training.


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