Learn about Director Ravy!

Hello! My name is Ravy Vang. I am an executive director of Salariin Kampuchea organization (SK). I have been working with Salariin Kampuchea since 2008. My future dream is to lead and manage Salariin Kampuchea for long term sustainability and extend more social enterprise projects for empowering youth respond to job market.

I am originally from Kompong Speu province. I found out about SK when I applied for a job in 2008 through a friend and brother.

Why I choose to work for SK because SK helps and provides education to disadvantaged children and young people that fits with my vision and value.

What I enjoy about working at Salariin Kampuchea is providing education and work experience to young people, staff and volunteers.

My best piece of advice for someone who wants to work or volunteer at SK are think about your personality, commitment and values are matching with organization vision, mission, values and goals or not. If you are happy to help and work with children and young people for development their understanding, awareness and knowledge, then you are able and fit to work at Salariin Kampuchea. So you can achieve and benefit for yourself and the organization as well as children and young people here.



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