Life Skills Classes

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We offer Life Lesson classes to our young adult students, which aim to empower them through social lessons and career training.

Types of Classes SK offers

Drug Lessons
Students learn of the dangers of drug abuse and the devastating consequences of addiction.

Job Searching Lessons
Students learn how to look for and read job announcements. They also learn how to write their own resume and cover letter.

Advanced Computer Lessons
Students learn how to create their own email accounts in order to apply for jobs. They also learn how to use PowerPoint and are required to present a topic for their final assignment.

Employment Lessons
Students are taught how to effectively manage their time, the importance of punctuality, and how to maintain composure under stressful work environments. Students also received feedback from guest interviewers as to how to write a formal CV and cover letter, how to dress appropriately for an interview, and helpful interview techniques.

Vocational Visit and Presentation
Life Skills students are able to learn specifically about service level industry jobs around Siem Reap. Cooking classes and sewing projects are made available to help them find jobs in restaurants and hotels. Students also present on vocations they are interested in at the end of the class.

Impact of Life Skills Classes

In 2015, there were 27 students that graduated from the Life Skills classes. 2016 now has 30 young adult students, some of whom wished to express gratitude for the program. Reaksmey, a 20 year old English student, advocates that students should take these classes because β€œIt helps us to know about ourselves and future employment.” Buntheon also was grateful for the cooking classes saying, β€œI think cooking class is good because it brings us to know our former student, good relationship and we can gain cooking skill that we never know before.”