Library Support

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Our library at SK has hundreds of books that students can read, along with communal space for studying, playing games, and working together on crafts. Unfortunately, the sponsor that was funding the library withdrew their support and now we need help so we can keep our library.

Either a staff member or a full-time volunteer has helped devise library activities. In the past, we’ve been able to offer projects as diverse as story time, to making rainmakers, to even putting on a play! These activities are important for keeping our students involved in learning activities outside of a classroom environment.

These activities attracted students of all ages. You would see a group of 15 year olds playing games while a group of 8 year olds cut shapes from construction paper. You would see older students helping younger students. Even all of the volunteers and staff at SK gathered in the library during their breaks. It’s very important we raise money for our library so our students don’t lose this collaborative learning environment.